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Everything Video Marketing [Download]

Product Category: Digital Downloads

Everything Video Marketing [Download]
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Leverage the power of video marketing with this complete series of lessons that will take you from start to finish with video. Whether you''re new to video or need some tips and tricks, Matthew Ferrara will walk you through everything you need to know to make video marketing a breeze.

This DVD Covers:
•    Latest research on consumers, video and real estate marketing
•    12 Ideas for using video to promote yourself, company and listings
•    6 different ways to distribute video clips online
•    Best practices for planning a video shoot
•    Tips and tricks for shooting, editing and enhancing your videos
•    Using YouTube to store, manage and distribute your videos
•    Analytics and tracking tools to monitor video performance
•    Customize your own YouTube channel
•    … Tips, tricks and ideas to make video fun and productive

Plus, we even added some BONUS videos!

Be sure to also visit our resource web page with samples of good and bad videos, helpful tips and blogs to take your learning even further!


Running Time: 100 Mins

Price: $14.95

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