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Facebook 101 [Download]

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Facebook 101 [Download]
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Join Matthew Ferrara as he walks you through the 10 Steps to using Facebook to grow your business . Perfect for beginners and filled with tips for experienced users, this DVD sets out the strategy and steps you need to connect with your sphere of influence. Watch as Matthew shows you exactly how to setup your profile, manage your privacy, create friend lists and create valuable conversations with your friends, family and clients – the biggest sources of your business.

• The essential Facebook strategies
• Personal and Business Pages
• Ten individual lessons to create your page, build friends and update your status
• Special features like creating lists, photo albums and polls
• Power activities like “social listening” that can help you uncover new business
• Tips and ideas for maintaining your social media momentum every day

Each segment includes the key ideas you need to know, plus actual screen-walk-thrus of how to perform each exercise – and you can watch, rewind and watch again – as you practice and master the tools.

Tap into the tremendous opportunity of Facebook with Matthew Ferrara today! And for ongoing tips, tricks and ideas to leverage social media in your business, join us online at


Running Time: 90 Minutes

Price: $14.95

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