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Innovations 2012 [Download]

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Innovations 2012 [Download]
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Join Matthew Ferrara as he focuses on three key technologies you can use to to boost your business in 2012. Discover how smart companies are leveraging tablet computing, video marketing and social media to create a powerful prospecting, marketing and branding engine that reaches out and captures consumers.

From the studios of the Learning Network, Matthew will demonstrate:

• How tablets can energize your sales presentations and mobile connectivity
• Training and technology needs to deploy a tablet-based sales strategy in your office
• Examples of other sales industries who use tablets to present-and-sell on the go
• The power and reach of video marketing on the web
• The right equipment to shoot and produce great quality video marketing
• The latest stats on social networking usage
• How to develop an interlocking social media strategy for your company
• Special techniques like Social LISTENING to discover leads and opportunities
• Tips and tricks for applying mobile, video and social technologies to your business

• Mobile App Reviews
• Social Media Stats


Running Time: 60 Minutes

Price: $14.95

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